Cable ties 2-LOCK™ with double stainless steel tooth 360x7,5mm (1 500pcs./cart.)

Cable ties 2-LOCK™ with double stainless steel metal tooth
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Vendor: Elematic / ITW Group
Product code: 2LOCK36575


Cable ties 2-LOCK™ with double stainless steel tooth. 
Stainless steel 316. 
Made in Italy.

These high-performance 2-Lock Cable Ties with Double Metal Tooth provide maximum reliability and safety. With a high-quality locking system based on a stainless steel cage with double tooth, these cable ties provide perfect resistance to vibrations and dynamic loads. 

Cable ties 2-LOCK™ with double stainless steel tooth are smooth and the locking cage can be applied anywhere along the length of the tie.

These cable ties have a very low installation temperature - up to -40oC. 

In places exposed to the sun we recommend using a black color of cable ties (they are resistant to UV radiation).

Technical data:

Material: natural polyamide 66 with the addition of copper dioxide with a stainless steel locking cage / AISI 316
Color: White / Black
Flammability rating: UL94-V2 
Moisture absorption: 1,3% - 1,5% (23oC - 50% R.H.)
Installation temperature -40 oC ÷ +60 oC
Operating temperature: -40 oC ÷ +85 oC

Min. breaking force:

  • - width - 2,5mm - 18 kg
  • - width - 3,5mm - 25 kg
  • - width - 4,5mm - 36 kg
  • - width - 7,5mm - 78 kg

UV resistance (black colour), excellent resistance to aromatic solvents, oils, greases, petroleum products, high resistance to corrosion (stainless steel 316)


Directive 2000/53/EC (ELV)
Directive 2002/96/EC (WEEE)
Directive 2003/11/EC


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